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Super Bowl Hotel Rooms

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Experience the grandeur of the super bowl XLIX 2015 at our super bowl hotel "The Meridian", Canada. Stationed at approximately 2.5 miles from the phoenix stadium where the event is going to be held, "The Meridian” is one of the most enigmatic superbowl hotel rated so far “The Meridian “offers the best quality services at an affordable rate. They also offer attractive and exciting packages to the customers which is the main reason that folks flood into choosing this hotel. They render super bowl tickets to the first 200 customers along with the official Souvenir of the super bowl event XLIX. They stake a most comfortable suite with other additional facilities in the room like central air conditioning, TV, WI-FI internet access, comfortable beds, restrooms etc. The hotel also sports a fitness gym regime for those who never compromise on their fitness. Additionally, it has a vast expanse of conference and meeting rooms to proceed with the business procurements. 24X7 cab facilities for airport shuttle from stadium to airport and vice versa is rendered by the hotel. They offer attractive packages for night stays at affordable prices. The hotel takes care of all your necessities including health by catering you with VIP hospital access in case of emergency. Furthermore, many attractive facilities are available at the Meridian like swimming pools, basketball courts, snooker, golf courts which adds spice to your fun filled stays.

All the hospitality is rendered to the customers to their at most satisfaction. Come and experience the exuberance of the event along with sweet and everlasting memories at the famous superbowl hotel "The Meridian."